An ever-expanding list of what makes my life work: the public library Greek yogurt good books (see #1) “coffee therapy” with my husband and friends time to sit & reflect good food with people I love consistent exercise that makes me stronger time reading about the crazy upside-down kingdom I adore and other people who’ve … Continue reading Essentials


one fried egg | plain greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries | cucumber picked this morning | bran flakes sprinkled with ground flaxseed and topped with almond milk     fried egg | 7 Sprouted Grains toast | cucumber from the garden | organic low-fat plain yogurt with frozen blueberries Continue reading Breakfast

Moments with Books

“A waitress came and stood over them. She tapped her pencil on the order pad. ‘What can I get you?’ she said. Her name tag spelled out her name in all-capital letters: RITA! Flora narrowed her eyes. The exclamation point made Rita seem untrustworthy, or, at the very least, insincere.” from Kate DiCamillo’s Flora & … Continue reading Moments with Books

If I Only Had a Brain

Recently I was skimming through a your-home-can-be-as-organized-as-mine book my mom accidentally left at our house. I was curious to see what this organizational expert would have to say about categorizing. I found what I needed in the table of contents and turned to the section on categorizing with a touch of renewed hope. But the … Continue reading If I Only Had a Brain

superbalanced powder makeup

So Clinique discontinued superbalanced powder makeup.  Talk about #thirdworldproblems but I cried. And then I felt ridiculous. It takes something like losing the perfect makeup to go through the cry–feel shame–pause–reflect cycle. It seems that I’ve established some sort of value system in which the pretty girls who care and try rank somewhere between zero and three, and the … Continue reading superbalanced powder makeup

Being Poor Taught Me…

My bank account does not define me. To live without fear regarding finances. I will always, always, always, have enough. The difference between an expectation, a want, a need, and a necessity, and how to live peacefully with necessities. The term “successful” in America is often given to people who accumulate. Not many people would … Continue reading Being Poor Taught Me…