just in time

Recently God told me to quit my job. I naively assumed I’d spend a few weeks praying and pondering and talking it over with my husband Rodney and some good friends. Well, apparently God had other ideas because the impression grew stronger and I could tell I needed to quit soon. By the time I arrived home for the evening I began to suspect that “I need to quit soon” actually meant “I need to quit today.”

Rodney was out of town, actually driving through an ice storm, so he wasn’t tremendously available to discuss a significant life-change. I continued to process with the Lord and was growing in confidence that the time was now. Reason said I needed to wait, to give Rodney plenty of time to process, that it wasn’t smart to make a life-changing decision hastily. All of these things I still agree with. It’s wisdom.

The problem is God doesn’t seem to let me get away with much of anything these days resembling wisdom. He is wisdom, so this is peculiar to me. He is wisdom, yet he keeps asking me to be foolish.

So at one stopping point in Rodney’s ice-filled journey, he got a call in and gave me the thumbs up.

I turned on some Van Halen, wrote my resignation letter on my iPad, and hit “send” just as ‘ole David Lee sang “JUMP.”
davidleerotheditedSurprisingly it wasn’t a terribly big deal. God in his kindness has given us lots of practice on our journey for this type of thing.

When I returned to work the following week it was apparent that a new owner was implementing a new management-style. It took me a while to realize this, but God knew what was coming! And he got me out just in time!

I’m not suggesting God had me quit to avoid humiliation at work. I’ve experience plenty ‘o humiliation, and it was not wasted. He is ready for us to do something new, which is why he told me to quit in the first place. The original plan was to finish out the month. I just feel it was his super-dooper extra-large compassion urging me to quit quickly.

Sometimes I don’t understand why he wants to do something until AFTER. Actually, sometimes I don’t understand ever. That’s how it goes when someone amazing & brilliant walks alongside someone a bit slow.

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