Getting Ready

written June 2014

Graham Cooke said God is raising up people like David’s mighty men for this generation. I hope we get in on that. Ask any special ops team and they were prepared. They trained. And sometimes the training sucked.

I want to be a part of a team that when God opens the door and says JUMP, we jump. We don’t look. We could be next to a cliff or on an airplane. I do not want to be the one arguing in front of the open door, asking him where we’re going, what he’s doing, asking if he thinks this is really a good idea…

I think that’s what training is for. So ask away! He’s not always ready to reveal his heart in the first four minutes of the convo. Remember, God is beautiful, but he isn’t easy. He takes time.

God is being purposeful and intentional with us. We need to be purposeful and intentional back. Pay attention to what’s going on in that cerebral cortex of yours. I think a lot of battles in our mind are lost before we leave the bathroom in the morning.

Allow him to get at the things in your heart. Learn how to trust him with each trial. It gets easier, not because of the circumstance, but because we KNOW HIM. We know he’s good and we know we can trust him, no matter what the circumstances look like.

And that means, when the airplane door opens…we’re READY.


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