but that makes no sense

I’m surprised when someone’s response to what God’s asking them to do is: But that makes no sense.

I don’t say it, but I’m thinking, “Since when does God lead us into things that make SENSE?” If that’s been your journey–can we trade? Because NOTHING about my journey made sense on the front side…it wasn’t until I could look at it over my shoulder, and sometimes years later, when I could see the genius of God at work.

“Make sense…good grief. Following a God who makes sense. Wonder what that’s like…”

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord.

“And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.

For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,

so my ways are higher than your ways

and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55

One of the MOST amazing things about God is how he deals with us with such kindness, and patience although we’re complete morons. What’s worse: while we’re acting like complete morons, we have no idea!

One reason: We have an inflated view of the power of human reason. It’s like we finish a challenging suduku puzzle, feel a little proud of ourselves, and then want to pat God patonizingly on the head when he tells us how to live, and sigh, “Oh God, that’s just not how we do things around here.”

As if we need to write out a little pamphlet for God on How Things Work.

You do realize he’s an eternal being, right?

Another reason: We’ve spent too much time learning how to live on the earth, when God’s trying to teach us how to live in the Kingdom. And then we flip Isaiah 55, and believe OUR WAYS are higher than HIS WAYS. Maybe we believe we play by the earth’s rules now, and we’ll follow the rules of the Kingdom later.

But thats not gonna work out so well for the Church.

He’s made it clear that He loves us, He’s made it clear that all things are from him and through him, and yet when it comes to money, or relating to our boss, kids, husband, horrible person at work, or what car/shoes to buy, we act like he’s a senile grandpa, along for the ride, but we’re the experts, we understand how things work in the Real World, thankyouverymuch.

Listen, His Invisible Kingdom IS the Real World. I know sometimes it seems more like a fairy tale, but it is the Real World. This place is the vapor.

And because we are worms and he is amazing, yet he’s crazy about us, he gave us a central role, put the Church up front and center in the unfolding drama. We are not meant to be spectators.

So it’s clear from the start that he’s nothing like us. We would never give worms a big role. There’s too much at stake.

The things is: he is so confident and certain of the end…he has written the story…so he gives us this transforming suit/guide/juice (aka Holy Spirit) and over time, the suit/guide/juice works powerfully to transform us into the image of Christ. Wow, what a story! God uses (weak) Humanity by giving us His power, and then uses a transformed Church to overcome His Foe.


So go ahead. Whatever he puts in front of you. Walk through it. I promise it will look different over your shoulder.

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