buzzfeed is the worst

*Warning: this post includes mature content.*
No images, however.

If you’d like, you can easily get the point without reading the article: avoid the BuzzFeed site.

I am too naive for today’s internet. I grew up in such a different world it feels like a different universe. There used to be boundaries.

So I was getting ready to write about my journey as it relates to Laundry, and decided to read an article with the word “laundry” and “hack” in the title.

Mistake #1.

Then I scrolled down to read a few comments.

Mistake #2.

I saw a picture of a girl masturbating.

I didn’t click a link…she was on the article page, in the sidebar, enjoying herself in front of everyone.

The thing what gets me is I didn’t want to see it. If someone wants to see a girl masturbating, that’s an entirely different conversation, and actually should be an entirely different site.

Someone looking for “laundry hacks” should not have to see a picture of a girl masturbating. 

I sit dazed. And a little sick to my stomach. Why, people? Do we, as people, have any responsibility for the space we inhabit? For the welfare of others? Are we loosing some of the very qualities that make us human?

Don’t we exist with a basic knowledge that the people around us are also human and therefore have the exact same rights as us, not more, not less?

So I grieve a lost time when we at least made an effort to respect others, to protect one another when needed. I know we failed miserably, but it was at least expected of us…respect the person next to you. My parents taught me that. My teachers taught me that. The librarian taught me that. My friends’ parents were telling my friends the same things. I wasn’t an island.

I understood that because the person next to me was also a human, they also had rights. It never once occurred to me that my rights should be elevated in any way over theirs.

Now it’s, “Do whatever the **** you want and the person next to you if probably a **** anyway, and they can just deal with it.”

In case others are out there, a little too conscientious to be okay with what I just saw, you probably already know this…but don’t visit BuzzFeed.


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