like adventure because he does

We are different when we’re in the presence of greatness. We are encouraged to try for ourselves. I no longer want to brave the wilderness alone. I was called out of the soul-numbing comfort of Normal, but I’m just no good in the wild alone.

However, there’s this gorgeous guy I know, and he’s unbelievable with nature. He knows every trick. Knows where to find the most breathtaking spots, can send an eagle to fly right by your camp, causes you to look up just as seven, (yes, seven!) sailboats cross the lake in front of you. He sends his friends, the stars, to sing over you and inspire you to be like them…you’re made by the same voice. Our destinies are intertwined with the stars.

He’s a guide who shrinks back from nothing. Not full of ego, but full of LIFE. He invented adventure. Wrote a story for you, on your heart. The story gets buried by fake life, but comes alive as we embrace True Life. Initially we may be afraid of adventure, but we embrace it because he likes it.

He leads us on brand new trails, never walked before. The angels are jealous of our relationship. His care removes all shame. We are washed in beauty which is the same thing as forgiveness, and as shame flows away, blame absentmindedly drops from our hands. Our guard drops for a moment, What were those wounds I’ve been holding onto all this time, anyway? I can’t remember…those eyes…is there anywhere else in this moment where completion is found so completely?

His eyes are like waterfalls. The sound, the wind, the power and beauty…I never want to leave.

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