this is the year you (finally) enjoy the holidays | part one

I’d like to introduce you to one of the best sabotagers I know: Unrealistic Expectations meet Everyone; Everyone, Unrealistic Expectations. Oh, you’ve already met?

Let’s not waste time pointing fingers at the myriad reasons we’ve grown up expecting too much. Let’s just identify how to let go of what we can’t control, and embrace what we can control, which honestly, is not much. Fortunately, Unrealistic Expectations happen to be on the extremely short list, What We Can Control.

First step: wherever you are, whenever it strikes, notice when you begin to experience tension. Learn to Pay Attention to this. It’s important.

We often sprint from one task to the next, filling in silence with phone calls, texts, checking off lists and listening to news, music, noise…the Treadmill of Accomplishing can be deafening.

This is not the month to fill in the gaps. Instead, create as many as possible. Turn off the radio in the car. Create some space. And pay attention to what’s going on inside. When you feel tension, stress, anxiety…find out where it started.

Sometimes it’s like a wadded up ball of yarn, and you might have to unwind back to the morning when the person behind you at the stoplight treated you like the idiot you are not.

Let that go.

Find a way.

It’s possible they lost their job or received terrible news. Perhaps no one trained them how to treat other human beings, or they know, but they just lost their mind for a moment…like we all have many times ourselves.

I tend to let go of the shortcomings of humanity with forgiveness and deep breathing. I let it out in long breaths. Anyone who knows me knows that my children are alive today because of deep breathing…

Sometimes unwinding your thread of tension can lead to dark places. That’s okay. Just don’t set up camp there. It’s not your home. It’s something inside of you that you can let go of piece by piece.


Letting go takes practice.


Don’t sabotage yourself with more unrealistic expectations. You can forget to let go three days or three weeks in a row, until, over time, it becomes a part of your lifestyle. It’s not cheating to stick post-its on your keys, mirror, steering wheel.

Let It Go.

Each day you remember, practice all day. Eventually you’ll practice all week. And eventually you’ll experience change.

Consider the possibility that practice is a great way to become good at something. Practice letting go and see what an expert you become by the end of next year.


Wait, there’s more! You’ve just read part one…click here for part two.

Get the whole enchilada and prepare to have the best holiday season yet! Happy Holidays!

Click below for the pdf version…share with friends and family

enjoy the holidays part 1 & 2 pdf

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