in pursuit of hormone health: link to self-assessment

Okay, this girl is crazy, (author of quiz below) and if you don’t like strangers calling you “girlfriend,” and being juicy isn’t one of your major life goals, you will not jive with her grammatical style.

However, this assessment is possibly a better place to start pursing endocrine/hormonal health than a blood test. One reason, you might not have the Magic Numbers dictated by the medical field and your low or high levels can register as “normal” depending on a scrillion variables, one being simply the time of day.

Because numbers fluctuate daily, some believe a better way to get started with hormone stabilization is by self-assessment of symptoms.

I combined this assessment with countless books and articles. I began a completely new way to eat, and after working out like mad person the year previously and GAINING twenty pounds, my metabolism (which got stuck in 2008) finally returned, and I had energy again!

I don’t have my original assessment now, but I think eight concerns came up. A year later, I was down to one.

This assessment is not the reason things worked out for me. It was just one of many tools that helped me evaluate what my body needed, and make better decisions than what my doctor was prescribing.

I thought it might come in handy either for you personally or as a resource for friends.

And you can always unsubscribe from her list after you take the test.

To Happy Hormones!



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