float on

I want to experience God. I don’t want to just read about him; I want to know him. Reading Hebrews 11 and living Hebrews 11 are two vastly different enterprises. A person can read Hebrews 11 comfortably, but a person cannot live Hebrews 11 comfortably. God is a mystery and a puzzle and a riddle … Continue reading float on

for adam

I lost a friend this week. He died. He was 43 years old, same as me. I’ve never lost a friend without pain. But I’ve never lost a friend to death, and it’s different. I can’t get my head around the loss. His wife, his daughter, and family…there’s nothing to say. There are no words … Continue reading for adam

be true

Seems like our identity is what’s True about us. It is Us as a state of being; we simply are. None of us the same, none of us boring. There’s not a slimy meathead in the bunch. The thing is, often what’s easy to Be as a Child gets lost or stolen or broken. We … Continue reading be true