be true

Seems like our identity is what’s True about us. It is Us as a state of being; we simply are. None of us the same, none of us boring. There’s not a slimy meathead in the bunch.

The thing is, often what’s easy to Be as a Child gets lost or stolen or broken. We forget how to Be, and in an effort to Fix Things, insist on Doing, and the mess consumes us.

Doing works if…IF…it’s coming out of Who We Are. That’s the natural line-up.

  1. this is who you are…and
  2. this is what it looks like through you

So seven people can be brave, but all seven expressions of bravery will manifest differently through their individual strengths, personality, temperament; it’s multifaceted bravery. It’s why you want more than one brave person in your group.

As a culture, we honestly don’t know what bravery is, or what it looks like for that matter. We see demonstrations of it. But it’s tricky to pin down, like adding an insect to your collection you failed to gas.

The scientist keeps trying to analyze bravery. The photographer captures it in images. It looks like this in an online search:

Screenshot 2016-02-03 10.48.44

We know it when it happens. But our definitions are limiting to the authentic and empowering to the false. Because we think we know what bravery is, or any internal gem for that matter, we believe it’s easy to identify, and therefore, easy to imitate. It’s not.

Pretending to be brave only works for children. In adults, it smells different, feels different. It’s like those jelly beans that look like a piece of chewy candy, but taste like popcorn. And it just doesn’t come off the same.

Bravery happens when someone goes to work every single day. Bravery happens when someone quits his job. Bravery happens when someone speaks up for her friend. Bravery happens when someone holds her tongue. Bravery happens when we release what’s true into our environment.

This moment calls for bravery, and you show up. That’s bravery.

We make fun of all the unrealistic movies based on fairytales, partly because these moments are not a part of our lives, and so we don’t believe.

When someone who is Brave Inside, reveals that internal gem, that Authentic Self, something remarkable happens, something resembling magic. When someone aligns, even for a moment, their True Self with their Outward, it’s better than magic, it’s Real.

And we don’t trust what’s Real anymore because it hardly ever happens.




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