working together

Men and women have got to get better at working together. Not working in the same space, side by side, but rolling up our sleeves and getting the work done together. The strength of both is required to do something remarkable. And honestly, isn’t that what we signed up for anyway, the remarkable?

When we commit to doing something together, we’re like vines growing thicker and taller and stronger together, like Jack’s Magical Beanstalk. One falls back while the other goes on ahead, growing faster for a bit. The vine in back will focus on the team, giving the vine in front a chance to grow faster without the responsibilities of leadership. With time, practice and trust, this can happen seamlessly…sometimes several times in the same meeting, sometimes several times a month.

Discussions around big tables where people make big decisions, are sometimes operating in an environment where the feminine voice in the room has been so shut down, it’s become masculine. We have cut off one of the essential pieces needed to complete our assignment.

 It’s a Man’s World by James Brown

Female leaders today, trailblazing, have few predecessors warning them to not lose their feminine voice, to relentlessly present their feminine piece alongside masculinity.

And so mainly the pieces thrown around at game time are male pieces. Sure, more women are allowed to play, but they’re still only allowed to play with masculine strength, not feminine strength.

Let’s learn to play well together. Great solutions require fingerprints of both the masculine and the feminine. Let’s make something remarkable.


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