music on the patio | a nancelife event

We’re gathering on our patio this saturday night (june 18) at 9 pm. It’s a gathering of misfits. We don’t have much in common, but time & space. We live here now. And life is confusing and messy now. And many of us have accepted rules that don’t apply to us, and many of us have rejected boundaries that would bring health.

Something that helps us dwell in respect is to understand the concept of boundaries. The Big Ones apply to us all: like Respect All, and don’t shoot anyone unless they’re shooting you or someone else. But mainly boundaries are different for each of us. In fact, my boundaries change daily!

With age, (if you don’t know me, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND growing up! It’s the BEST!) we increasingly manifest what we believe. If we’ve invested years in fear, we get fear. If we’ve invested years in hate or bitterness, that’s what we get as we age. We grow the seeds we buy. Anyone need Things to be Happy? It’s gonna get Rough.

One thing I’m learning: how to tap into delight apart from circumstances. Delight & Control do not coexist. For me, one thing that has developed internally as I fight control, is the ability to Have FUN and ENJOY the JOURNEY. I use tools to cultivate this. I use regular exercise, music, art that inspires, wine and dance. We can all make our “do it on my own” list. And I can smell a poser a mile away. They’re hard and plastic. They are forceful and controlling. They are going to be happy, dammit!! And they’ll steamroll you to prove it. I used to be one. I have found god plus wine plus dance is an amazing healing agent against control. Like pouring hydrogen peroxide on an open wound or water on a green witch. Dancing makes the witch melt.

So we’re jumping into LIFE this Saturday. This is the Spotify playlist, so you can see if you’ll have fun. We’ll have bread and wine and beer. Bring your own if you want extra. Under 21 is welcome, but not to enjoy the wine and beer, just the music. And bring your own blanket if you want to sit, lie in the grass, and bring bug spray or wear long sleeves and pants. Some of us dance and most of us don’t, however this might change this week!

It’s a night about joy and freedom and journey and being okay with where you are. Everyone’s welcome. Come & go as you like.


event page

song commentary

Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

My daughter is begging me to remove this one. I told her it’s first so she can wait and come outside on the second song. :) I feel strongly about this one. It’s a fight song for women. You don’t have to like it; you can stay inside with Sarah…hey, we all have different boundaries! If you don’t enjoy hearing the word “shit” about 45 times in one song, I understand completely. However, women have strength inside, and we need to unlearn most of what we believe about ourselves, about beauty and about strength and stand up on the inside. We all have battles. We fight depression. We fight settling for a boy when we need a man. We fight health issues, shame from the past (this morning) and despair. So stomp your heart out with Gwen and get your fight on. We ain’t hollaback girls (all talk) we put our muscle where our mouth is. At least for tonight. And sometimes it gives us strength to do it again tomorrow.


Mamma Mia by ABBA

ABBA. no explaination needed


A Little Less Conversation – JXL Radio Edit Remix by Elvis & Bossa Nova Baby

Our culture (and Facebook) needs a few more brave people talking less and living more. Get up and dance!


Easy to Love – Live at Spotify House by Ivan & Alyosha

great artists, humility, humanity,  a love song every girl wants to hear, helps fight the accusation we’re “too much and yet not enough.”


Smile by Uncle Kracker

for my favorite


Baby I’m-A Want You by Bread

I’m a 70’s child. Love Bread.


Captured by The Digital Age

A good descriptor of my spiritual journey. I was met on the floor, a heap of despair, unable to love those in my life needing it most: my young kids.


This I Know by Crowder

Crowder’s guitar. Also, freedom is good. And we all know the storms.


I Want You Back by Jackson 5

Jackson 5. Vibey. And I think part of this is how god feels about you.


Can I Lie Here by David Crowder Band



Be Okay by Oh Honey

Like drinking fizzy optimism straight from the bottle.


The Boy Who Never by Landon Pigg (the musician in Drew Barrymore’s film Whip It)

A beautiful tribute to the disease self-protection, from a masculine point of view.


Top Of the World by the Carpenters

Another great product of 1972. Listening to the Carpenters reminds me of my mom.


I’m A Believer by The Monkees



Blue Skies by Noah & the Whale

This playlist is flawed because of me, but the good parts are because of Sarah. This is one of the good parts. A nod to one of my favorite nights this year. And to everyone who can’t get out of bed.


Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine

perfect song for looking at the stars


Even Unto Death by Audrey Assad


“in humiliation…i will wait for you” I hope this isn’t too much for the non-jesus crowd. I know, it says jesus a lot…but the journey of waiting for and finding love! Epic.


On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

“Now take it in but don’t look down…” Song from a Dear Friend who’s always in my corner!


Bicycle Vs. Car by Bob Schneider of Austin Fame

“It’s not the end of everything. It’s just the end of everything you Know.” Never a truer word.


Have You Ever Seen the Rain? by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Bring your slow jam.

So thankful for a high school crush that introduced me to CCR & Tolkein.


Moon River by Andy Williams

A tribute to dreamers, faithful companions, and adventures. The artist knew you can’t have dreams without the heartbreak. #floaton

(BTW, The Advertures of Huckleberry Finn SHOULD NOT be missed. The audio book is available via Springfield Library here. Do NOT listen to a version not read by Norman Dietz.)


21 Guns by Green Day – featuring American Idiot Original Broadway Cast

Oh, Humanity! “you’re in ruins” Glorious, beautiful, ruins! Will you lay down your guns and lift your arms in the air? Surrender vs. Control: the rest of your life depends on this one choice!


My Own Worst Enemy by Lit

Anyone else find himself his own worst enemy? Nah? It’s probably just me…


Desperado by the Eagles

I’m in tears four bars in. For all the Lost Boys.


All I Want is You by Barry Louis Polisar

We need more harmonicas in life. Please do a study for depression in which daily playing of the harmonica is part of the prescription.




















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