freedom stew

So I was listening to a friend’s amazing playlist at work and things were happening in the music that I had no words for.

I wonder if musicians know the words or if they belong to heaven. I know one: Movement.

One part had Movement, which is one of my favorite qualities of music: when you feel as if you’re driving fast with the windows down. You may be standing still at work, but something inside of you is truly driving in that car. That’s just one way music transports. It’s magic.

So I was listening casually as I worked, but Movement was in it.

Then I was listening more intentionally after work and other things were happening like gleaming or streaming light & shadows. I couldn’t perceive the details but I was aware of Something There.

Something was Happening in the music.

I left work and as I walked down the concrete sidewalk I was alone in a Matrix movie. I was making things move. They were scampering for cover. Something Large was at the end of the sidewalk and my gaze pierced it. My forehead was like concrete. Whatever it was, it moved quickly, easily, and cowardly, without a fight. A foe I am weary of, for once it hid instead of me.




I was aware of these words: The Music is Important, which really got my attention because god’s spoken this statement to me on four different occasions throughout my life, each time with a different noun.

People in southwest Missouri will create a mixture of music that transforms. But first, God is knitting together hearts with Love. It’s the Essential Ingredient.

We’ve simply got a pile of ingredients without Love.

Without Love, someone can pick up an instrument and it’s a sound. But this Magic Freedom Sound is only possible through the hearts beating together with Love. It’s like the hearts are connected and the love flows through them.

The love is the Main Thing. Perhaps it’s the melody, I don’t know, but it’s the Main Thing.

Love is the Main Thing.

So hearts are being knit together–god’s knitting hearts together, and one reason is he wants each heart to release its sound. It’s like August Rush and how the guy released rock and the girl released cello and how what they created contained both.


So we’ve all got a sound and it’s important and as hearts are knit together, and the people release their sound, it’s like this mystical substance, like a vapor that’s alive in sci-fi movies, this vapor is released and flows, and everywhere it goes, it releases life.

I saw prison doors swing open and flowers come back to life in full color and full bloom, like the chi in the movie Kung Fu Panda 3.

The groups with love & confidence, (for it takes confidence to release your sound,) can only do this with one another. It’s impossible alone. It’s a magical stew of sound. It heals and nourishes. It brings freedom.

Freedom Stew.


Then I thought of the playlist again and how my friend said: “I make playlists” like it’s an identity statement, and maybe it was silly or maybe it was serious but this statement is full of substance and significance. The role: gatherer of sounds. It’s important.

I woke-up in the middle of the night with the song Gift of Cool by Rock & Roll Worship Circus playing in my mind. One phrase in particular got my attention, and I walked to the front room, where the Magic Playlist had been playing all night.

Nine years earlier, Gift of Cool, had erupted into my life when I encountered god as a force previously unknown, found myself unexplainably face down on a tile floor with snot and tears everywhere. That song felled me and I hadn’t understood why.

And now, in the middle of the night, a completely unrandom god dropped one more piece of bread on the trail of my life:

“I remember the day when the love of god landed in our town.
He took all the silent & broken hearts & fixed them up
and gave them a sound…”


He’s up to something.


the music is important

rock on.




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