slide the world off your shoulders, my friend

What strength! Look how strong!
The message of identity rings true & long
We’ve wrapped up our sorrow and sung lullabies to our dreams
Shhhh now dreams, just fade away
Close your eyes
Go to sleep

Someone to rescue, someone to save,
We all want to be the hero
But we get in our way
And end up spilling coffee on those we serve
And the feet meant to carry us trip us up

What strength? I’m not strong!
The voice of failure rings true & long
We’ve buried our sorrow and ambushed our dreams
So they’ll stay away
Please stay away

Slide the world off your shoulders my friend
The weight it can crush you and for sure make you smaller in the end
You’re made for life, you’re made to carry great things, but not this.

Your life isn’t meant to be carried.
It’s meant to be lived.
Set down the world.
And carry your song, instead.


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