who invented the requirement: daily quiet time

Okay, it’s finally time to pick on the Daily Quiet Time.

Does anyone know where this requirement came from? Did the origin of that discipline get covered in The Foundation of Holy Living class at Bible College?

Some church cultures are having a difficult time separating who god is like from what their culture is like.

And rightfully so: it is difficult. I’ve been trying to untangle my identity from my culture for years. “Do I really need to keep this? Is this really who I am? Or is this just what my culture values?” 



To look at a church culture with fresh eyes typically requires a new perspective.

I think god reveals something about himself in Ephesians 5 when he says, “find out what I like.”

It’s not: follow a format that’s changed little in the last 500 years. It’s not: gather where the majority is an Audience. Every Part Supplies: not just Paid Professionals with a Degree.

And when Jesus teaches about how to follow him, he’s talking about Living Life. He’s not dreaming of us Reaching Perfection by meeting with him in a quiet space once a day with a bible, a notebook, a serene expression, nice pen and steaming cup of coffee. It’s like our Garden of Eden on Earth was replaced with the freaking daily quiet time.

What Happened.

The thing is, people are sitting in very small boxes because they think that’s where god is. They don’t realize all these requirements are coming from their culture and not their god.

Well, I think it’s possible we’re trying hard to reach this goal and really it’s just Perfect Attendance at our Own Funeral. His highest dream for your life on earth is not attaining the Blissful Existence of Perfectly Executed Daily Quiet Times.

Just get out there and live life with him every moment.




It’s way past time to find out what god likes. We know what our spiritual community expects of us and what we expect of ourselves. We know what we like and our parents like and our church leaders like. But how much of this is what god likes?

Let’s embrace that adventure. Find him. Follow him. Even when it means you don’t get a gold star on your Daily Quiet Time chart because you’re out on a trail hunting down life.

This simple confession will wreck your life: God I want to see you & know you as you truly are.

Once your heart says that, grab a helmet, cause who knows what’s in store. You just chose the red pill. And he loves it.

He loves to wreck the value systems that have been holding you together because he’s jealously in love with you and wants to be the only thing holding you together.

He loves to crash into the pretense and replace it with Real. He made us out of Dirt. Not plastic. He’s got big plans that you’re a part of. He’s already smiling thinking about it.

And he’s patient. But once you say yes, one of the first things he does, (after he messes up your hair and loves you with his mesmerizing eyes,) is hold out his hand to help you step out of the box.

Welcome to a gigantic space to explore. You’re gonna love it.


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