I was riding my bike to work this morning, thinking about seeds. I think god’s caused me to stumble onto something with the whole seed thing. I’m beginning to see the work god begins in us starts out as a seed.

Humans do.
Oranges do.
Trees do.

I think salvation does.

I think that’s why we see promises about salvation beginning and also how to walk it out, that it’s done and it’s also not done yet, and certain things are required for completion. That makes sense if salvation is given to us as a seed. He gives us salvation, and it’s still salvation, but it matures and grows into salvation completed.

I think it’s the same way with Peace, and Hope, and Love, and Joy…well, all the fruit.

And I was thinking about the group I meet with and how sometimes what comes out of my mouth actualy comes from my chest and I can tell, it’s like I have freedom and freedom seeds are in my mouth and they go into some of the people, the people with open hearts and minds. But, like the parable of the farmer in Matthew, some of the seeds grow, and some of them don’t.

And I think it’s super cool that years ago someone else had seeds of life and shared them with me. And god gave me grace to cultivate those freedom seeds and now I’m walking in a level of freedom that I’ve never known, and it just keeps growing and expanding, like a tree with rings. I have freedom rings.

And I also have Freedom Fruit, and I share it with others, and they eat it, and the seeds go into them.

I think for the first time ever I realize what we’re doing. I thought our class was about learning to walk by the spirit, but we’re learning to grow things. We’re all becoming farmers.

We’re doing the assignment given to Humanity from the beginning: Be Fruitful & Multiply.




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