blame & shame or love

When I am accused, often I am not innocent, and rather than retaliate with blame or shame myself, I can stand in the true love of Christ. I know that he loves me. And he already paid the price for me.

I’m expensive.

I came to him a messy, messed-up piece of work. And he said, “No problem” because he’s awesome at everything good.

So restoration is one of his specialities. I’m like a picasso that was left in the bottom of a cess-pool of waste for twenty-seven years. He’s got it. No problem. He’s restoring me.

So when another piece of crap is uncovered, or there’s a rip or tear or something’s broken that’s meant to be beautiful, I turn to his love, because I know what’s needed in that moment is love.

Okay, I see the tear, too. Let’s not be blind to our flaws. Own them. Appologize. But don’t drown in shame about them.

Let the love of Christ be our rescue. Let the blood of christ restore our flawed masterpiece.




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