Showering with a Quarter-Sized Sliver of Soap…

…is awkward. We understand why this situation is to be avoided.

Showering alone with a transparently thin wafer gives room for reflection.

How did I arrive in this uncomfortable situation?

In the context of family, some might lean toward blame in various shapes and colors: “WHO didn’t write ‘soap’ on the shopping list? Is it too much to ask for people to pick up a pen to COMMUNICATE when we are out of something?” [Which, of course, is why we always leave a note!*]

If the blame happens to lie with us, this can turn to shame. A simple thought can spiral depending on the current conditions of the mind. “Not only did I not write soap on the list, I have TOO MUCH to do and TOO LITTLE time and NOT ENOUGH help!” Then we determine we’ve arrived at the logical conclusion: not only are we awkwardly showering with less-than-ideal resources, clearly our life is broken and can’t be fixed.

Some get out of the shower, crawl back under the covers of life with one more sliver of evidence that they should quit trying already; it’s hopeless.

Some vow to get their life under control, tighten up the systems, the lists, the organizational props, calendar, apps and reminders, so they won’t forget the damn soap next time. (As a child, this person probably said “Sorry mommy, I’ll do better next time!”)

What do you do? Noticing our internal dialogue as we navigate circumstances like these can reveal a lot about what we believe: our expectations, our culture, and our identity.

*model parent, Jeffrey Tambor as George Bluth Sr. in clip from Arrested Development’s episode “Pier Pressure.”


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