running through the woods

I grew up wanting to live within the Boundaries of God’s Law.

It took my life falling apart to realize God wanted me to live within the Boundaries of His Love.

It’s the difference between standing in ankle-deep water in a plastic kiddie pool pretending to have fun, and doing back-flips off volcanic rocks into the ocean.

The Boundaries of God’s Love are Enormous and

He’s calling you.

He’s calling you to explore those places with Him: his goodness, his freedom, his holiness, his provision, his smile, his acceptance, his grace, his love, sincerity, hope joy truthrestpeace…and his death.

He’s calling you to run naked through the woods, unashamed, unhindered, fully alive, with twigs in your hair, mud between your toes, a sweaty mess with the lightest heart and the biggest grin you’ve ever known.

you are called to the wild

you are called to freedom


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