we are

I am familiar with suffering
And so I’m not afraid of it

Suffering can show us who we are
And who we’re not
And who we need
And such

Suffering taught me not to be afraid of the sight of my own blood.
I don’t wish for the cut
But I am surprised by blood’s impotency as I watch it flow
from me

I do not wish you pain
But I wish you the honor of suffering

I wish to journey with the rugged

Your tough, scarred face with laugh lines around the eyes will always be my favorite

We pack lightly
And smile with knowing eyes when someone is undone by the injustice of an old phone, or perhaps working a double shift, or being mistreated by a demanding boss or customer.

We smile and cry. For the injustice of control and religion and faking it
Or losing your home or your purpose
Of braving it
And losing your kids or your mind
Or your milk
For a season
Means you gain strength
In every place of loss

You choose:
Bitterness and Protection from the pain
Or humility & wisdom

We are
Tough & Gentle
Able to carry weight
Able to keep going
Strong enough to forgive
Strong enough to get you there




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