when we’re not sharing

is anyone
when we’re not

I am here
Yeah you’re there
I’ve been here before
I built the road

Nipples to toes
I like what I’ve got
My body is tired and proud
I deliver

Never wear a cape
When you are around
Guess you can’t see
What goes on when the sun goes down

How does Clark Kent become Superman
When’s the caterpillar a butterfly
What if humans don’t transform so fast
I was a truck now I’m a guy

If I had to do it again I’d stay lower
And not care
Applause don’t last long enough
To get you there

My couch still looks brand new
Cause no one’s sittin on it
Come on in
Make yourself useful
Talk, don’t talk, I don’t give a shit

And if we get there together
Who will say it’s never been done
Will we step through that door
Without truth without shame without fun

You see me undress and you stare
I want more than your eyes
Do you dare
If I had to do it again I’d stay lower
And not care

No one walks this path alone
Everyone lets you down
No one sees you after all
There’s no one in this town

When the people who hurt you
Still speak your name
They need to pretend
You’re still the same

If I could do it all again
I’d get lower
And not care

hey brother, can you spare a dime?

We force others to beg when we withhold.


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