trespass with respect

God has chosen to limit himself, the limitless one. He allows our will to limit him from operating in our lives. Our will is his boundary.

When we lean toward him, it’s like we are standing on our property, and we slowly lower the barbed wire fence between us, to allow him to step over. It’s an invitation he loves.

We lower our will to grant him access. This is surrender.

Not everyone does this. This is why we see many people begin a journey with god, but fail to develop. They wanted a friendship with him, but years later, they don’t know him any better.

Sometimes they build their own fences, relying on the opinions of others and guess what he’s like.

Without receiving love from him, they don’t have love to give away. They are hoping, desiring to become More, but they only have their limited resources to work with because they’re not inviting him past their will, and God won’t trespass.


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