it’s a good mix getting better

We are a mixture being purified.

That’s a great sentence to think about.

We are a mixture being purified.

All of us: we are afraid AND brave. And that’s okay.

Sometimes we demonstrate fear and sometimes we demonstrate bravery.

Sometimes we believe the true and sometimes we believe the false.

We can feel schizophrenic if we base our identity on our behavior. The same goes for thoughts, but maybe double.

You wanna know something about God? He can handle humans. He likes us. He’s okay with our process. He’s totally okay with our mixture. I think what he’s mainly concerned with, as far as mixture goes, is what are we trusting in to purify it? Our efforts or His love?

What we focus on, what gets the most attention, gets stronger. Believing in something strengthens it.

Are we focusing on our lack or his provision? Our inability or his goodness?

Imagine you’re engaged to this unbelievably sexy, strong man. And a package was delivered to your apartment building, but it’s so heavy and awkwardly shaped, you have no idea how to get it upstairs.

Many of us stand in the lobby, looking at the package, filled with hopelessness and despair. “If only we were stronger!” “If only this package were smaller!” “If only I didn’t live upstairs!” “I need to move!” “I’ve always hated this place!” We can get lost in the problem and spend so much time there, we expand it.

Meanwhile, our fiancée is trying to get our attention. He flexes his muscles and smiles. He might even take off his shirt. Sometimes it takes a while to establish eye contact with a hopeless person staring down a problem.

The sooner we learn to say: “Hey, can you get this for me?” the better our life and the better our relationship! He loves to come through for us!


We reproduce whatever we’re most intimate with. We can know and rely on our inabilities or we can know and rely on his love. Mostly we do both.

So let’s say Jesus made me for Love. And then, in a moment, I demonstrate selfishness instead.

Do I align with that? Believe I’m Selfish?

Some say we skip the cross and believe in his acceptance. “Renew your mind–quick! Believe you’re loving and kind!”

That’s how I used to live, when I trusted my own strength more than his. I used Solutions and Formulas to replace the Holy Spirit. Now I propose a quick glance with the eyes of our heart. This demonstrates trust in him and a willingness to receive his goodness. He loves it.

I typically let go of what’s not me, or what’s not true, and receive what is true. In this case, I’d repent for selfishness and receive his love. This isn’t a magic formula, simply an expression of what I believe.

You can start here and make up your own as you go.



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