why limitations are good

Seeing lack in ourselves or our lives can cause condemnation, shame, or accusation. This gets the focus off Jesus’ amazing provision (Always Enough!) and gets the focus on Self, which is never the solution.

I believe god is always true and always interested in making us like him: True. We become True day by day as we walk with him and let him tell us more about himself and us. He likes to give us accurate information.

Sometimes I want to choose love but instead I choose self or fear and end up avoiding pain rather than loving someone. This can get discouraging. Am I brave and loving or selfish and afraid? Which is it?

I think god helps us look honestly at our limitations: not focus on or obsess about them, but acknowledge. I think god at least wants us to acknowledge our limitations for a couple of reasons:

It’s like him. It’s honest. He’s aware of it all.

It cultivates humility.

It creates a healthy dependency on him.


There are so many interactions with humanity that were not recorded in the Bible. So I believe the stories we find there are super intentional.

God includes this story: “I believe! Heal my unbelief!” (mark nine)

I think this is a healthy perspective! Here he’s not in denial about his disabilities, but he’s aware, because of Jesus, there’s more.

His confession is: I believe!

But he sees a need for healing and relies on the healer in this place!


I believe this is a clue for how life works. This is a super practical step for living with and in god, allowing him to be who he is in us: he reconciles all things to himself.

I’m brave!

Heal my fear!


I’m love!

Heal my selfishness!


I’m faithful!

Heal my wandering heart!


I’m strong!

Heal my inabilities!


I’m solid!

Heal my instability!


I have practiced Repentance & Receiving as a way of life and it strengthens not only my dependence on god, but my okayness with my inabilities. It also strengthens our friendship because I’m always checking in.

I also pray this often: “I repent for accusing you…thank you for your patience as I learn trust.”


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