I love watching what heat does to things.

I think this is one of the reasons I enjoy experimenting in cooking so much. What happens if I add this first? What happens if the oil is already hot?

I love watching vegetables change from drab green to electric green. I love hearing the sizzle. I love swirling things around in glossy pans. Sometimes the food is beautiful and doesn’t taste good. This is a disappointment. My favorite is when lovely and tasty combine.


Thinking about how heat changes things and how we’re Meant to change… Sometimes the heat comes when we’re not really looking for a change. We’ve kind of grown accustomed to our green color and aren’t sure it needs to become more vibrant.

Sometimes it’s difficult to relax and breathe through the changes, but resisting change through control just creates something brittle. Breathing and releasing the outcome, learning to trust and relax through the process, I believe these people expand and become More.


Control restricts, but Love expands.

Trust the ones who love us enough to give us space and comfort as we change.

We’re made for it.


I’ve also learned to remember that moving into change doesn’t necessarily mean it’s our new home. It could just be something we have to walk through to get to the next thing. Maybe we didn’t like thirteen or fourteen much, but they eventually got us to fifteen.



The goal isn’t avoiding uncertainty. Quit listening to those voices of control with tiny boxes about what it means to “be prepared.” Being prepared means we’re allowing ourselves room to learn how to walk through uncertainty. At the end of life, these are the people you wish you knew. The ones who controlled everything have already died.

Letting go as we go is one of the healthiest ways to cultivate internal health, and it has nothing in common with control and fear, and everything to do with trust and love.


Here’s to freedom. Here’s to true. Here’s to you.


To read more about letting go and processing…click here.

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