One of the ways comparison can be deceiving is we think we’re all in different lanes on the same track.

But this paints a picture that we’re all basically heading in the same direction, to similar places, and we all had a fair start.

We didn’t start at the same place.

And we’re not going to the same place.

One way we can redefine success for our own lives is to recognize where we started. Someone with a tumultuous childhood will need to spend some of their emotional and physical energy healing. Someone else with less tumultuous circumstances can use their resources on other things. It doesn’t mean one will “get farther” than the other—that’s a linear point of view. But what should be acknowledged is they didn’t start at the same place. And the one investing in their healing is not “behind” and does not need to “catch up.”

I believe our lives are built upon generations, so we start where the previous generation left off.

If we must look at this like a race, at least view it as an untimed relay, and each generation gets a baton. Your generation might have some gaps to fill. It’s not a race about speed. It’s more about art: space, form, texture, design. So you don’t need to go father or faster than someone else. You just create something, somewhere, so the next generation starts at a different place, with a different perspective than yours did.

Our purpose and place tends to eek out of us as we grow.

Sometimes it’s hard to pay attention to, with the pace and noise of life.

Sometimes the eek feels like a problem, like something is wrong with us.

“Why don’t I want a career? Am I lazy?”


Maybe not.

Maybe your path is off the track and across the street and in the meadow. Maybe no one has walked there before.

The fans are at the track.

The bugs and skunks and beauty and freedom and cow patties and open skies are in the meadow.

I’m making the meadow sound better, aren’t I?

It’s not. Plenty of people make the world go round, and plenty of people are needed on the track.

I’m just pro-meadow because it’s where I live.

And sometimes I miss the fans. So I like to offer ups cheers, when I can, for the people trekking through a meadow, looking for their path.



Photo by DapurMelodi from Pexels: THANK YOU!





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