set yourself up for some November spice

It’s a good idea to make November feel a little different. We need something to boost our creative metabolism and just improve the overall (bleak) outlook. Below you’ll find a list of things to do each day in November to help make life a bit more interesting!

I identify as an Enneagram 7, and one of the things we DO NOT suck at is keeping things spicy! We often side-step ROUTINE, but as we grow, we embrace the beauty of boundaries, and find that corrals actually harness our energy better than keeping everything open.

I have RESISTED goals for years. Despite what research shows about goals needing to be realistic and measurable, I preferred to keep things open and vague. (this is all very stereotypical seven, btw)

So, I’ve been EMBRACING realistic and specific goals, and it is juicing me up, y’all! So I thought I’d share some ideas to keep November spicy in case these types of things don’t flow naturally for you.

Don’t feel like you need to do something each day! This is for you, so make it yours. Keep it fun, and substitute your own tailor-made ideas for yourself! Let these inspire you.

Here’s to November being, not necessarily BETTER, but at least, DIFFERENT.

November Plans

  1. ride a bike
  2. take a picture of a tree
  3. make a pie, buy a pie, or barter/pay a friend to make you a pie
  4. offer to watch a friend’s kids for two hours in exchange for a back rub
  5. compliment the person at the register at the grocery store
  6. write a letter of appreciation to someone you respect
  7. mail the letter with an envelope and a stamp
  8. buy yourself a candle
  9. make a salad that is irresistible to you
  10. smile when you don’t feel like it
  11. listen to one of your favorite albums from the past
  12. text someone a song that you think they’ll like
  13. watch a Western movie
  14. buy someone, or yourself, a bottle of nail polish
  15. appreciate someone serving you
  16. read a book for one hour with your feet up
  17. watch TV for one hour with ZERO guilt
  18. buy a plant
  19. lick your lips after eating something delicious
  20. notice the effect of sunlight on something
  21. take deep breaths for one minute, breathing in and out for 4 counts
  22. caress your cheek and say something wonderful to yourself under your breath
  23. take a walk
  24. take, or draw, a picture of something growing
  25. think about seeds
  26. tell someone you love that you love them and add a why or two
  27. soak your feet or body in Epsom salts
  28. set out your clothes for tomorrow
  29. make yourself a coffee or tea and FaceTime a friend
  30. give something away

Some fresh tunes and podcasts if you’re interested:

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