We have been rescued so many time we lost track. One of the wisest (and consequently, best) neighbors we ever had transformed my worldview with his kindness and these words, “We all need help from time to time.”

We’ve experienced both unbelieveable community and crushing isolation. We believe in community.

We also believe in honesty, empathy, trust, hope, goodness…all things that we are completely unable to produce on our own.

I believe that Religion (a form of goodness) is not authentic goodness, and people trying to be good is the worst kind of prison. I was magnificently rescued from My Goodness, which actually was shit, and fell into a million pieces into the cross of Christ and found out he’s just absolutely the best.

And so sometimes I can’t shut up about him because he’s just all you ever wanted. And he’s making me into all he ever wanted. And this blog is often about that process…but also friendship, respect, parenting, movies, books, culture, relationships and anything else that comes to mind.

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