mind of a saint: combining the heart of the father with the mind of christ
by graham cooke


how to seek someone who is always there
by graham cooke

Notes from Unraveling Identity & Culture class
link to notes: unravel identity & culture


I spent the summer of 2014 with two teachings, both from Graham Cooke. Almost every time I was in the garden, one of these two teachings was playing on my iPod. I called that summer “Gardening with Graham.” I knew God was doing something, but I didn’t know what. I still don’t.

But I know I would not be walking where I am now, in 2015, without the life transferred to me through these teachings. I am walking on a solid floor built in part by these teachings. I’ve probably heard them both about fifty times.

Building the Right Mindset with Graham Cooke

Rise Up a Warrior with Graham Cooke