Sometimes men and women stand on two sides of a chasm feeling misunderstood. I get so damn tired of being the one to walk over to the men. I want the men to walk over to me. The lie, however reinforced by experience, is that men cross chasms for tits. One problem, however oversimplified it … Continue reading connections

external reality

If what is true inside of us comes out — then we’re in Alliance. Alignment. Things get broken inside of us, stay broken, & we can’t let those things out, so we create a different External Reality. Now we’ve got the Internal Running on a separate plane than the External. The truth we ignore. The … Continue reading external reality

be true

Seems like our identity is what’s True about us. It is Us as a state of being; we simply are. None of us the same, none of us boring. There’s not a slimy meathead in the bunch. The thing is, often what’s easy to Be as a Child gets lost or stolen or broken. We … Continue reading be true