big love

God seems to be removing the boundaries and pushing/pulling me into a daunting space called friendship. Well, sometimes he calls it “friendship” and sometimes he calls it “love.” They are synonyms, I believe. He’s showing me this immensely gigantic space that keeps expanding. It’s floaty and ethereal, kinda like a cloud. It’s Love. And down … Continue reading big love

I need men

Men and women: both are an important part of our story. We need the unique strength from both genders. I need women to lead me into what’s true about them and me. I need men to lead me into what’s true about them and me.  Important Note: I am a married women, and I did … Continue reading I need men

swimming naked

In my limited travels, I’ve noticed children around the world know how to enjoy water. The less-inhibited the culture, the less-inhibited the children. I suppose running around a jungle as a child gives one an elevated sense of freedom. Do they also posess an elevated sense of beauty or is it too familiar? The colors … Continue reading swimming naked


It’s been a bit lonely lately, learning to embrace a writer’s life. Writing for me is about 80% thinking, and 20% writing. I’m alone a lot. I have also been wrestling with a friendship where I continually walk in-between brave & terrified. God keeps telling me to explore the boundaries in this friendship, and he … Continue reading magic

freedom stew

So I was listening to a friend’s amazing playlist at work and things were happening in the music that I had no words for. I wonder if musicians know the words or if they belong to heaven. I know one: Movement. One part had Movement, which is one of my favorite qualities of music: when you feel … Continue reading freedom stew