I love watching what heat does to things. I think this is one of the reasons I enjoy experimenting in cooking so much. What happens if I add this first? What happens if the oil is already hot? I love watching vegetables change from drab green to electric green. I love hearing the sizzle. I … Continue reading reactions

in pursuit of hormone health: link to self-assessment

Okay, this girl is crazy, (author of quiz below) and if you don’t like strangers calling you “girlfriend,” and being juicy isn’t one of your major life goals, you will not jive with her grammatical style. However, this assessment is possibly a better place to start pursing endocrine/hormonal health than a blood test. One reason, … Continue reading in pursuit of hormone health: link to self-assessment


one fried egg | plain greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries | cucumber picked this morning | bran flakes sprinkled with ground flaxseed and topped with almond milk     fried egg | 7 Sprouted Grains toast | cucumber from the garden | organic low-fat plain yogurt with frozen blueberries Continue reading Breakfast