leaders taking turns

Why isn’t one leader Out Front Always? Because wise leaders adjust the pace occasionally. A slower pace creates room to consider others and the ramifications of decisions. It broadens a leader’s Perspective. It’s not always possible, but ideally, one leader falls back while the other goes on ahead. The leader in back attempts a slower … Continue reading leaders taking turns

working together

Men and women have got to get better at working together. Not working in the same space, side by side, but rolling up our sleeves and getting the work done together. The strength of both is required to do something remarkable. And honestly, isn’t that what we signed up for anyway, the remarkable? When we commit … Continue reading working together

what it looks like

healthy atmosphere toxic atmosphere respect: everyone is seen & heard; everyone is valuable space to innovate inquiry risk-taking effective communication movement authenticity serves well honesty collaboration diversity fear blame & shame competition within team pretending staleness boredom cultural prejudice inefficiency conformity evaluating through bias sameness   Continue reading what it looks like

Getting Ready

written June 2014 Graham Cooke said God is raising up people like David’s mighty men for this generation. I hope we get in on that. Ask any special ops team and they were prepared. They trained. And sometimes the training sucked. I want to be a part of a team that when God opens the … Continue reading Getting Ready