growing human beans

Unhealed women often parent out of fear and control. We just can’t help it. We know we’re lost, we know we’re inadequate, and along comes this beautiful, tiny human bean, and we begin wrapping our hearts around him or her. We were hoping a man would complete us, but we realize we were mistaken, and … Continue reading growing human beans

the next generation desperately needs us to connect with them

Last night I sat around a table with fellow human beings, ages twelve to forty-four, and we talked about this article: Teen Girls & Social Media: A Story of ‘Secret Lives’ & Misogyny.  Only the under twenty-five crowd had experienced the activity discussed in the article, or knew someone who had. The over-forty bunch, who learned … Continue reading the next generation desperately needs us to connect with them

way to go

We can all take notes from this committed father. He is faithfully building a solid foundation for his six-year-old son. What would change in our lives if we wrote our own script and started our days like this? Let’s try it for 10 days! Let me know what happens! Jenabu Williams video Here’s  Joshua’s Daily Pledge to help … Continue reading way to go


Somewhere, a young girl has given herself completely, heart and soul, to a boy, and he is not at all prepared to handle it. He, like you, is developing. That’s one of the main goals of the teenage years: growing and developing. Figuring out who you are and what’s important to you. “Experts” want us … Continue reading boys

Being Poor Taught Me…

My bank account does not define me. To live without fear regarding finances. I will always, always, always, have enough. The difference between an expectation, a want, a need, and a necessity, and how to live peacefully with necessities. The term “successful” in America is often given to people who accumulate. Not many people would … Continue reading Being Poor Taught Me…