make god happy

I’ve been on fire lately, so I decided to channel some of my physical feistiness into a more wholesome pursuit and see if Jesus would make out with me. I went to a building to adore him with other wholehearted lovers and music. When I entered the room, I felt the pressure. The pressure in … Continue reading make god happy

sky illuminated

my life is small and vast but mostly small step-taking note-making no more faking the smile is real so is the laughter (two teeth, however, are fake) some days a journey of six-thousand steps some days ten-thousand trading what’s important for what’s needed sunshine and sky sitting in grass the brilliance of light inside blue the light … Continue reading sky illuminated


I suppose it feels cliche to say how much God loves you. God’s love can feel remote, causing him to appear distant or disinterested. He’s the most engaging thing going. He’s so relational, it can be exhausing to our limited human capacity. Although he’s both masculine & feminine, we can get hung up on the … Continue reading clueless