The bedrock of healthy relationships is no One Thing. It’s a variety of beautiful and messy things, not easily classified by science. But one ingredient that goes by different names is the sense that the person next to you values you as a person. That even if your face changed, or your heart fell apart, … Continue reading freedom

float on

I want to experience God. I don’t want to just read about him; I want to know him. Reading Hebrews 11 and living Hebrews 11 are two vastly different enterprises. A person can read Hebrews 11 comfortably, but a person cannot live Hebrews 11 comfortably. God is a mystery and a puzzle and a riddle … Continue reading float on

life without control

I’ve learned something about Control in the last ten years. We tend to place Control on both wrists, both ankles and around our necks like miniature life-preservers. We learn from all the times we failed: not prepared enough, not informed enough, not charming enough, not whatever enough, that Control will Save us. I don’t think … Continue reading life without control

just in time

Recently God told me to quit my job. I naively assumed I’d spend a few weeks praying and pondering and talking it over with my husband Rodney and some good friends. Well, apparently God had other ideas because the impression grew stronger and I could tell I needed to quit soon. By the time I arrived home … Continue reading just in time