One of the ways comparison can be deceiving is we think we’re all in different lanes on the same track. But this paints a picture that we’re all basically heading in the same direction, to similar places, and we all had a fair start. We didn’t start at the same place. And we’re not going … Continue reading comparison

Why Beauty Matters

I am beautiful because we need it. I am beautiful because something in us is longing for more, and I’m an invitation. Beauty beckons us to journey for a moment, or a lifetime, into what’s possible. Beauty comforts, strengthens, inspires. Beauty embraces the boy and arouses the man. Beauty cuts off the head of seduction … Continue reading Why Beauty Matters

we are

I am familiar with suffering And so I’m not afraid of it Suffering can show us who we are And who we’re not And who we need And such Suffering taught me not to be afraid of the sight of my own blood. I don’t wish for the cut But I am surprised by blood’s … Continue reading we are


The only word I truly identify with is Uncool. I know it in the depths of the depths. I actually think ultimately all of heaven loves how uncool I am. But I also feel like such a total Moron on earth, which happens to be where I live currently.   Also on the topic of … Continue reading untrue