The bedrock of healthy relationships is no One Thing. It’s a variety of beautiful and messy things, not easily classified by science. But one ingredient that goes by different names is the sense that the person next to you values you as a person. That even if your face changed, or your heart fell apart, … Continue reading freedom

leaders taking turns

Why isn’t one leader Out Front Always? Because wise leaders adjust the pace occasionally. A slower pace creates room to consider others and the ramifications of decisions. It broadens a leader’s Perspective. It’s not always possible, but ideally, one leader falls back while the other goes on ahead. The leader in back attempts a slower … Continue reading leaders taking turns

life without control

I’ve learned something about Control in the last ten years. We tend to place Control on both wrists, both ankles and around our necks like miniature life-preservers. We learn from all the times we failed: not prepared enough, not informed enough, not charming enough, not whatever enough, that Control will Save us. I don’t think … Continue reading life without control

way to go

We can all take notes from this committed father. He is faithfully building a solid foundation for his six-year-old son. What would change in our lives if we wrote our own script and started our days like this? Let’s try it for 10 days! Let me know what happens! Jenabu Williams video Here’s  Joshua’s Daily Pledge to help … Continue reading way to go

this is the year you (finally) enjoy the holidays | part one

I’d like to introduce you to one of the best sabotagers I know: Unrealistic Expectations meet Everyone; Everyone, Unrealistic Expectations. Oh, you’ve already met? Let’s not waste time pointing fingers at the myriad reasons we’ve grown up expecting too much. Let’s just identify how to let go of what we can’t control, and embrace what … Continue reading this is the year you (finally) enjoy the holidays | part one