more about sandy

IMG_6201   Sandy Nance is a practical dreamer. She lives in ideas, and doesn’t move on until she’s found language & steps to make it happen.

Sandy’s speaking style is light-hearted, full of possibility, and practical. She understands humanity, and loves it. We are messy, all. She values honesty and respect, and encourages co-workers, bosses, parents, friends to get real about their strengths and weaknesses so we can build together. Sandy encourages others to “stop the madness” of trying to be Everything to Everyone, and embrace the natural flow of giving and receiving.

We can accomplish so much more together, but we need to find or create a place where sharing needs and exploring possibilities is encouraged. Sandy is a textbook ENFP…

Sandy’s Mission is to be a part of a movement establishing empathetic, honest cultures as the norm in homes, businesses, teams, relationships, and communities committed to fostering a spirit of inquiry, exploration, and respect for others.