nance family update

Friends and Neighbors:

We rejoice with you in God’s goodness! May the God of all comfort be your continual source of all comfort; may you rest in his goodness in every possible way this year. We hope this finds you well.

Years ago, God began patiently teaching us a different definition of success. It has been SLOW, and sometimes terribly painful, which has made us fall even more in love with our unbelievably patient Father.

Many lessons he presented were initially met with resistance on our part. But he stole our hearts at some point in this process, and now he knows we may say no initially, but we won’t say no for long. We are still his servants, but he’s also taking us to a new place and relating to us as sons.

And now it seems, our father, who happens to own the company, is building something specific in Southwest Missouri, and he has a couple of his sons in mind for a few positions. Not sure when construction will be complete, but we are working like Nehemiah, and some days it feels like we “sleep in our clothes.” We have a sword strapped to our side, and tools to build in our hands.

We admit that it looks like crazy work. We are honored to glance down the hall of fame in the kingdom and see people like Noah, who found favor in God’s eyes, and Abraham, who went “without knowing where he was going” and “kept on hoping when there was no reason to hope,” while “his faith grew stronger and in this he brought glory to God.” And Nehemiah, who knew he had a job to do, although no one in charge appointed him for the task or offered him a paycheck. The king funded Nehemiah’s assignment.

So at this moment, we do not earn a paycheck. Even more amazing, at this moment, every need has been met!! We are slowly becoming convinced that God is able to do what he promises.

We are all created for different works. Please don’t hear us saying that all are to live without paychecks. :) We love paychecks, and miss them! We don’t believe we’re to live without them forever, and we don’t think this is for everyone. We are simply being positioned and prepared. This is an unusual transition. We’re regularly asking God if we’re on the right path, and check in with fellow sojourners who have similar callings.

It looks like God wants Rodney to release the heart of the Father into the lives of others. In his unique way, he gives others guidance, stability, a safe place and listening ear, courage to dream again, etc. He is meeting with people one-on-one.

Sandy is building an online presence to equip people in parenting, team, culture, identity, relationships…which eventually will include online classes and resources. She’s also writing a book on family. We began with the blog, which is in the process of transitioning to

We also are creating a spiritual development training program and leading a group through this locally. These resources should translate to other communities and will also become available online in the future.

God is teaching the body of Christ how to be friends with him and with one another. He’s removing fluff and restoring foundations. We are learning how to be friends with people from other cultures, with different value systems, and letting what is true remain and what is culture fall to the ground. We are learning to be friends with God together as a group. It’s good. It’s real.

Please let us know if you are interested in being more involved in our journey. We need growth in numerous ways and this comes from all the ways the body supplies! (Eph 4) We welcome your feedback regarding our website, when it is up and running. Click here to subscribe to our mailing list and you’ll receive news when we’ve leapt to

Here’s to another year of incredible growth! Wishing you the best!
The Nance Family


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