can pursuing happiness foster unhappiness

So lately I’ve noticed a “happiness” trend. I heard the “pursuit of happiness” originated as the “pursuit of property,” which is interesting if it’s true. Also, the pursuit of happiness was to be expressed in the context of community rather than today’s interpretation of Individual Happiness Above All. It was written with the assumed context … Continue reading can pursuing happiness foster unhappiness

growing human beans

Unhealed women often parent out of fear and control. We just can’t help it. We know we’re lost, we know we’re inadequate, and along comes this beautiful, tiny human bean, and we begin wrapping our hearts around him or her. We were hoping a man would complete us, but we realize we were mistaken, and … Continue reading growing human beans

Ursula K. Le Guin on the Magic of Real Human Conversation

from by Maria Popova But the magic of human communication, Le Guin observes, is that something other than mere information is being transmitted — something more intangible yet more real: In most cases of people actually talking to one another, human communication cannot be reduced to information. The message not only involves, it is, … Continue reading Ursula K. Le Guin on the Magic of Real Human Conversation

Why Beauty Matters

I am beautiful because we need it. I am beautiful because something in us is longing for more, and I’m an invitation. Beauty beckons us to journey for a moment, or a lifetime, into what’s possible. Beauty comforts, strengthens, inspires. Beauty embraces the boy and arouses the man. Beauty cuts off the head of seduction … Continue reading Why Beauty Matters