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living authentically between brave & terrified
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sampling beauty 
searching for what inspires & encourages

to watch

I was slow to notice this one…it came out in December. But we caught it locally at the close-to-a-dollar theater. I’m so glad. Joy’s story is an inspiration. I don’t feel that the movie exactly pulled it off, but the story is truly amazing. If you’re unsure how to climb the next mountain, this is a good story to keep in your pack.

And this one I missed entirely…I haven’t even seen it yet. A friend’s recommendation and a few articles were enough to convince me we’ll host a viewing at our house. Let me know if you’re in the Springfield, MO area and want to join us!

to be

In this recent post from nancelife: living authentically between brave and terrifiedI  hope to encourage us all to value & practice what it means to be True with our lives. This post is one of my favorites.

to listen to

God has been reaffirming his love for me with this song from good ‘ole Dave Matthews.

It’s become one of my favorite love songs from God. Some of you might enjoy His love in this as well…pack your bags!

to read

A lovely article from Maria Popova’s exceptional, exploring German philosopher Josef Pieper’s 1948 book, Leisure: The Basis of Culture.

Popova describes Pieper’s book as, “a magnificent manifesto for reclaiming human dignity in a culture of compulsive workaholism, triply timely today, in an age when we have commodified our aliveness so much as to mistake making a living for having a life.” 

Pieper attempts to redirect us back to the more noble roots of leisure, which have drifted to an unfavorable tenor: today someone prone to leisure is prone to idleness and aimlessness. Instead, Leisure seems attracted to stillness, with a propensity to wonder. Pieper explains,“Leisure, then, is a condition of the soul.” 


Another recommendation, and I know this isn’t for everyone, but I recently read Captivating by Stasi & John Eldredge. Interestingly enough, around the same time, God began putting his finger on some misconceptions I had about myself. I think reading this book rather tilled up the soil, and then God began killing the toxic vines–Jack & the Beanstalk type of vines.
I was more comfortable with what would be considered the “masculine” in terms of identity. I am a strong woman, but I was behaving like a weak man. 

I was unfamiliar with “feminine traits” being valuable or needed; they mainly got in the way and slowed things down. So I became more masculine. I know it’s terribly unclear and infirm to use the terms “masculine” and “feminine.” Both seem confused. But they’re all I have right now in terms of language. I’m working on it.

A description might help: the feminine piece inside of me is bright, bold, brave, beautiful, able to endure hardship, relational, nurturing, kind, compassionate, familiar with suffering, vulnerable and strong, committed to paving a way for others to coax their True Selves out of hiding.

I am determined to grow into a strong, authentic representation of femininity.

Who’s with me?



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Sandy Nance

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