three one seven update

Dear Leaders,
For some reason God saw fit for you to be with us as we learn how to follow him. All we honestly know, other than his amazing promises in his word and his goodness, is that he will never leave us or forsake us.

He has turned our ideas of “Good Leaders” on our heads, beginning on Jun 22, 2015. (you were there)

Since then, each time we’ve attempted to find a “form” that we can stick with and follow indefinitely, he gives us an update.

The last update included more scheduled times for prayer and worship, which we added on Monday and Thursday nights, and training, which we added on Tuesday nights.

Enter a New Season
Now it seems he has some changes in mind: time for a new update! The previous one was needed then, and now we need something else.

The honest truth is, I have no idea what he’s up to. But I think God is showing us how to be flexible and that we’ll always need him, we’ll never “figure it out” because like a family, we experience different seasons and different needs, we keep growing and changing. This truly is organic!

Saturday Night
Our time together on Saturday nights needs to remain important, but “bring our piece” needs a subtle shift. I believe I limited what God wants us to contribute by using the verb “bring.”

I still like the analogy of not showing up empty-handed. But the reality is you can’t show up empty-handed because you walk with God and he’s in you. You bring Him everywhere you go!

So if we can clarify: You are bringing the spirit as it expresses itself through you. That’s your piece. Your piece is YOU. (Definition of YOU: the Holy Spirit expressed through you.)

When you prepare for Saturday that means, come ready to be engaged, to be present. You might not have anything in mind before you arrive. You might bring instruction/direction in the moment. You might have a need or be able to meet a need.

By truly Showing Up and not shutting down and not pretending and not hiding, you are bringing something valuable.

So we are enlarging what it means to bring something. It still includes what we’ve been practicing, but it also means more. Let us know if you have any questions!

Weekly Schedule
We are not scheduling times together on Monday & Thursday at this time. We might move the house of prayer time to Tuesdays…will keep you posted.

Some of this might be added later, but for now we’re focusing on Saturday night together, and we know we need to make room for house of prayer. We will probably add some of the other elements (prayer, music, training) into our Saturday times together.

Feel free to initiate times together on your own! And please speak up with concerns/questions!

Finishing the Path discussion
To be determined

what we’re doing
learning how to be good friends with God and one another

I also think he’s opening up our schedules to invest in other things right now. Please seek God for ways and places you’re to invest in this spring season. He’s enlarging our boundaries.

Love you guys!
Rodney & Sandy