I was sitting in the woods and because of the way the cool air was interacting with the heat on my face, my lenses were fogging up but something else was happening. The wind, and the light through the leaves, were creating an illusion of movement, almost like the air was alive, and moving in the same direction. 

I was sitting still, looking at trees and a dry creek bed, but the air everywhere was moving. I saw heat rising from the ground, and it looked like the scene was golden, and there were small bubbles moving up from the ground, kind of like looking through a glass of slightly-golden champagne, but unmistakably better. 

As I sat and observed, it seemed as if I was the only thing not moving. I could see the movement in the light, and the atmosphere was in constant motion. What if this is really, truly how it is, and we just can’t see it? Similiarly, like how we need a microscope to observe some very normal things here? What about atmosphere? Air? Heat? The rhythm? The frequency? The waves? What else looks completely different when we have eyes to see?

I drank it in, just like champagne. And realized there are so many layers to this dimension. I have lived inside so many layers. Just pull one back, and I’m mystified. “Never seen anything like it.”

It’s a treasure to me because of its rarity. 

Then I realized if this was always observable, if we were born into an earth whose air looked like champagne, born to parents who had long-ago grown accustomed to the constant movement of the bubbles in the air, we would find it Not Remarkable At All.  

What else are we missing?





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