swimming naked

In my limited travels, I’ve noticed children around the world know how to enjoy water. The less-inhibited the culture, the less-inhibited the children. I suppose running around a jungle as a child gives one an elevated sense of freedom. Do they also posess an elevated sense of beauty or is it too familiar? The colors … Continue reading swimming naked

sky illuminated

my life is small and vast but mostly small step-taking note-making no more faking the smile is real so is the laughter (two teeth, however, are fake) some days a journey of six-thousand steps some days ten-thousand trading what’s important for what’s needed sunshine and sky sitting in grass the brilliance of light inside blue the light … Continue reading sky illuminated

we are

I am familiar with suffering And so I’m not afraid of it Suffering can show us who we are And who we’re not And who we need And such Suffering taught me not to be afraid of the sight of my own blood. I don’t wish for the cut But I am surprised by blood’s … Continue reading we are


The only word I truly identify with is Uncool. I know it in the depths of the depths. I actually think ultimately all of heaven loves how uncool I am. But I also feel like such a total Moron on earth, which happens to be where I live currently.   Also on the topic of … Continue reading untrue