I was sitting in the woods and because of the way the cool air was interacting with the heat on my face, my lenses were fogging up but something else was happening. The wind, and the light through the leaves, were creating an illusion of movement, almost like the air was alive, and moving in … Continue reading yes.

instant good time

Grab some travel companions, a small table with a lit candle, some wine, a few cigarettes if you can, search for the song “Where the Skies are Blue” (by The Lumineers) on Spotify, and click Go to Radio. Listen. Drink. Smoke, maybe. Smile. Sit for hours. Continue reading instant good time

in pursuit of hormone health: link to self-assessment

Okay, this girl is crazy, (author of quiz below) and if you don’t like strangers calling you “girlfriend,” and being juicy isn’t one of your major life goals, you will not jive with her grammatical style. However, this assessment is possibly a better place to start pursing endocrine/hormonal health than a blood test. One reason, … Continue reading in pursuit of hormone health: link to self-assessment


So the fire department visited me this week. After checking out the City of Springfield Fire website, (see what an earnest citizen I am?) I mistakenly believed I was allowed to burn leaves, while yielding a water source, restraining said leaves to a microscopically small two-by-three square foot space, and of course, constantly supervising all … Continue reading fuego


Somewhere, a young girl has given herself completely, heart and soul, to a boy, and he is not at all prepared to handle it. He, like you, is developing. That’s one of the main goals of the teenage years: growing and developing. Figuring out who you are and what’s important to you. “Experts” want us … Continue reading boys

superbalanced powder makeup

So Clinique discontinued superbalanced powder makeup.  Talk about #thirdworldproblems but I cried. And then I felt ridiculous. It takes something like losing the perfect makeup to go through the cry–feel shame–pause–reflect cycle. It seems that I’ve established some sort of value system in which the pretty girls who care and try rank somewhere between zero and three, and the … Continue reading superbalanced powder makeup

Being Poor Taught Me…

My bank account does not define me. To live without fear regarding finances. I will always, always, always, have enough. The difference between an expectation, a want, a need, and a necessity, and how to live peacefully with necessities. The term “successful” in America is often given to people who accumulate. Not many people would … Continue reading Being Poor Taught Me…