the sound of birds

April is over. I’m sitting by the open window enjoying the breeze and birds and green of spring. The window slams down and I jump, like always. I don’t spill any coffee—not like always. The window slams and after I recover from the embarrassment of being me, I realize I’m more comfortable and relaxed with … Continue reading the sound of birds


I was sitting in the woods and because of the way the cool air was interacting with the heat on my face, my lenses were fogging up but something else was happening. The wind, and the light through the leaves, were creating an illusion of movement, almost like the air was alive, and moving in … Continue reading yes.


Sometimes men and women stand on two sides of a chasm feeling misunderstood. I get so damn tired of being the one to walk over to the men. I want the men to walk over to me. The lie, however reinforced by experience, is that men cross chasms for tits. One problem, however oversimplified it … Continue reading connections


One of the ways comparison can be deceiving is we think we’re all in different lanes on the same track. But this paints a picture that we’re all basically heading in the same direction, to similar places, and we all had a fair start. We didn’t start at the same place. And we’re not going … Continue reading comparison


I love watching what heat does to things. I think this is one of the reasons I enjoy experimenting in cooking so much. What happens if I add this first? What happens if the oil is already hot? I love watching vegetables change from drab green to electric green. I love hearing the sizzle. I … Continue reading reactions