external reality

If what is true inside of us comes out — then we’re in Alliance. Alignment. Things get broken inside of us, stay broken, & we can’t let those things out, so we create a different External Reality. Now we’ve got the Internal Running on a separate plane than the External. The truth we ignore. The … Continue reading external reality

the next generation desperately needs us to connect with them

Last night I sat around a table with fellow human beings, ages twelve to forty-four, and we talked about this article: Teen Girls & Social Media: A Story of ‘Secret Lives’ & Misogyny.  Only the under twenty-five crowd had experienced the activity discussed in the article, or knew someone who had. The over-forty bunch, who learned … Continue reading the next generation desperately needs us to connect with them


The bedrock of healthy relationships is no One Thing. It’s a variety of beautiful and messy things, not easily classified by science. But one ingredient that goes by different names is the sense that the person next to you values you as a person. That even if your face changed, or your heart fell apart, … Continue reading freedom

leaders taking turns

Why isn’t one leader Out Front Always? Because wise leaders adjust the pace occasionally. A slower pace creates room to consider others and the ramifications of decisions. It broadens a leader’s Perspective. It’s not always possible, but ideally, one leader falls back while the other goes on ahead. The leader in back attempts a slower … Continue reading leaders taking turns

working together

Men and women have got to get better at working together. Not working in the same space, side by side, but rolling up our sleeves and getting the work done together. The strength of both is required to do something remarkable. And honestly, isn’t that what we signed up for anyway, the remarkable? When we commit … Continue reading working together